Does Your Business Need An App? | Benefits Of A Mobile App

Sep, 25 2020·2 min read

We’ve looked at what a mobile application is in our last post. Now you probably want to know how a mobile application will benefit your business.

Clearbridge Mobile set out 50 mobile app usage statistics that businesses need to look at before committing to developing a mobile app.

These are the few points that stood out for us:

  • App store consumer spending is expected to increase by 92% worldwide by 2020.
  • Over 51% of smartphone users discovered a new product or company while searching on their smartphones.
  • 78% of location-based mobile searches result in an offline purchase.

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Benefits Of Having A Mobile App For Your Business

Constant connection with your customers.

As a business, you need to build a strong relationship with your customers to ensure customer loyalty. And just like any other relationship, this relationship’s intimacy depends on the connection you have with your customers. You want to constantly be on their minds and encourage good two-way communication between you and your customers. That is where a mobile app can help your business. Statistics show that the average person checks their smartphone 63 times a day, that is 63 opportunities to engrave your business into your customer’s mind.


Your customers will literally be carrying your company with them wherever they go. So now that you are on their mind, they need to be able to have quick access to your services whenever your name pops up in their mind. Who wouldn’t want to remain loyal to a company that is readily available for communication and meeting their needs?

Stand Out From the Crowd

There might be other companies offering the same services and products that you have, but it is the customer experience and satisfaction that will ensure a spot on your customer’s phone.

More Direct Marketing

Mobile applications have various functions and features to benefit customers, but at the same time also gives you valuable information that can help you to create marketing messages that will speak to individual users.

Increase Customer Engagement

Customers want to feel like brands are important humans in their life, who cares about them and listens to them. Mobile apps are a great platform to bring that human side of your brand to life to the right people. Your customer will be able to raise their concerns or compliment your company directly and, hopefully, receive a quick response or solution to their concern. Your customers will trust your company, and the strong bond with the company will have them protecting it with all their might. This means protection from competitors who will try to win them over and anyone else who tries to ruin your image.

It Boosts Sales

The number of online sales is increasing and will continue to do so for a long time. People prefer getting what they need with the least effort possible, and that means being able to purchase a product or booking a service provider without having to deal with getting to the physical store and waiting in long queues. It is most of the time more convenient and quicker than visiting a physical store if the app has a friendly user interface.

In conclusion, all these points lead to increased revenue and growth. So, are you ready to invest in a mobile app or does your company already have a business app? Please share in the comments section.

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