Fall In Love With Your 'Other Love', Business, Again.

Feb, 12 2021·3 min read

Every now and then business owners find themselves taking a trip down memory lane. To some, it’s a moment of appreciation of every high and low throughout the process that led to where they currently find themselves at. Unfortunately, to others, it’s a dreadful moment of realizing how far they have drifted away from their other love, their business.

How do you grow a business that you have fallen out of love? Like Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great is to love what you do”.

Most entrepreneurs start off with a can-do attitude until they hit the rocks, something that can happen to anyone. The type of entrepreneur you are, together with external factors plays a big role in how you’ll ultimately feel about your business a few months down the line.

The Trendy Business Hoppers.

These types of entrepreneurs are all about “what is trending”, what are people into right now? So their passion and love for the business will likely only last until the trend dies out. One thing about them is that they are quick to jump onto the next ‘Great idea’.

Entrepreneurs like these generally don’t have a genuine love for what they do, they only love the potential the idea has for quick gains. We can classify them as lazy entrepreneurs, as they are more likely to pursue the business idea because of the ‘ease’ that comes with something that is already on people’s minds. For instance, there was a time when everyone was searching for facemasks, therefore marketing a facemask business was not as difficult as marketing a POS company.

The Passionate Entrepreneur Without Support And Resources.

Support is essential in an entrepreneur’s life, especially for new entrepreneurs who are still trying to find their feet. Not knowing where to turn to in times of uncertainty or trouble can easily become overwhelming and discouraging to any entrepreneur. Also being unable to hire staff to assist in the day-to-day activities can

This will result in falling out of love for your business if it happens over a long period of time without any solution.

Whether the reason for your lack of passion is due to boredom or the lack of resources, especially during these rather difficult times we are facing, we want you to get that fire back and work hard on growing your business.

Remember Your “WHY”

It is important to always take some time off to remind yourself why you started the business in the first place and evaluate it. A strong WHY will always reboot your energy when business becomes too difficult. It could also help to make you realize that your current problems are nothing compared to the satisfaction you’ll get from achieving your purpose.

Talk To A Mentor

At times all we need is to get some encouragement from someone who has walked the journey and made it out of difficult and trying situations. A mentor can give you the assurance that it is possible to conquer and also provide you with the resources required to overcome your difficulties. Once the weight of worrying is lifted off your heart, it will open up for that love to shine again.

Take A Break

Your mental health is very important for the well-being of your business. A tired and discouraged mind will only drive you deeper into hatred for your business and maybe even entrepreneurship at large. So take a break and refresh your mind, but don’t stay away for too long, as staying away for too long also carries the risk of falling further out of love for a business. You might just come back with fresh ideas to kickstart your business again.

Plan For The Future

Entrepreneurs should take some time off working on daily tasks and work on growing the company. Identify goals and objectives and create a map that will guide you to your desired destination. That bigger picture that you will hopefully see as you plan, will get you excited and eager to work on your love again.

Please feel free to add some points that worked for you when you fell out of love for your business.

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