Introducing Waitr Online - A free Mobile App For Our Merchants

Sep, 29 2020·2 min read

Introducing Waitr Online

We meant it when we said that Waitr is a solution for both you and your customer. One of our solutions to helping your customers is our Free Mobile App. Yep, that’s correct! You have the option of getting a free mobile application with any of our subscription packages. And no, there is no catch to this.

This is our way of bringing a solution to you and your customers. With the virus still roaming around, we need to make use of innovative and alternative ways of carrying on with business with as little contact as possible. Waitr online allows your customers access to your services while in the comfort of their homes. You can read more on the benefits of having a mobile application here.

We value time and would do anything possible to give you the best services with the least effort required from your side. We aim to give your customers the smoothest ordering and booking platform, so we designed a Progressive Web App that is:

Quick and easy navigation - Waitr online’s user interface was designed to ensure smooth navigation through the app. This is not an app for tech-savvy people, but all your customers who have a basic understanding of mobile phone functions.

Accessible - It has a responsive user interface that works on any web browser and any Andriod mobile device.

Let us take you through the process of ordering a laundry wash with Eazi Laundromat Bylsbridge.

The first screen has the merchant’s name, logo, address, and operating hours. The customer will choose between viewing their order status if they had already placed an order or to book online.

Waitr Online

The “Book online” button will lead them to the second screen which will require them to agree to the merchant’s terms and conditions before they can proceed.

Waitr Online

Once the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions, they will be required to put in a pick-up address and a drop-off address, if it differs from the pick-up address. This is to make sure that the specified address is within the merchant’s radius before they continue with the booking.

Waitr Online

The next screen has the different products and services as specified by the merchants, from which a customer can choose when making a booking or ordering products.

Waitr Online

The final stage involves choosing a payment option and proceeding with check out. An order number will be given which can be used to track the booking/order.

Waitr Online

Waitr Online is available for download on the Google Play Store. Now is the best time to take your business online and we are giving you the opportunity of getting a Point of Sale System and a mobile app for a very good price. Send us an email and let’s start working on taking your business online.

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