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What Is A Mobile App | The Basics Before You Approach A Developer

Sep, 1 2020·3 min read

In January 2020, statistics showed that 34,93 million of the 36,54 million internet users in South Africa, were mobile internet users…

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5 Funding Programmes Aimed At Developing Women-led Businesses

Aug, 28 2020·3 min read

Africa boasts as a world leader when it comes to women in entrepreneurship, and we continue to see a rise of programmes and intervention…

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The Work Towards Women Equality In Business Starts Now - A Fight For All Of Us

Aug, 9 2020·5 min read

On this day, we commemorate the brave efforts of the 20000 women who marched to the Union buildings, in protest of the pass laws. This event…

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Advantages Of A Point Of Sale System

Jul, 28 2020·3 min read

As a small business owner, you might have heard or read about Point-of-Sale Systems. If you have never considered getting one before, I am…

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How To Retain Customers

Jul, 28 2020·3 min read

These unprecedented times has the whole of South Africa in a constant mourning state as news keeps flooding in of product discontinuations…

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